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i need help with a A.2 button

You need to use all of the boxes in A2  to get the red button pressed.


i fugured that its confusing


okay so do i need to unlock the fast travel to be able to get the button

How can I go to right on "The Lab"?

first step is to blow up the sign


with a bomb.  You need another block as a spacer to avoid blowing yourself up

but when you blow up the sign the down blocks ar still there

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and the connections next to A.7 i don't know how to get on that conveyer

Also, it is possible to get a piece out of B10.

i know where to get a bomb from but I don't know about a10


thank you very much!

I'm at the final experiment, but it seems to be one-way. Should I have finished the buttons if I don't want to redo the whole game for the secret area?


Oh, the final experiment was good fun! And the credits were well done.

For those who follow, don't worry about the game ending like that, you can go back for secrets; it seems to save in the long entry room.

When you have all of the buttons activated S5 becomes accessible 

:) Looking forward to it. Not quite there yet, though. Still chewing on S2 and S4

on level b.17 cant you just use the booms to get over?

and how do i get the b.17 button


how do you get the b.16 button?

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I can't figure how to solve B18 after it was changed. I know I don't have to destroy the upwards conveyor belt from reading a different comment but still have no idea what to do. I believe I need to get one of the explosive gas cans away from the left wall and use it as a platform to stand on to get to the next level but I feel like the method I'm trying to use where I blow up a block in the upper right portion of the nine to get a space to push the other gas can forwards isn't possible because I don't have enough platforms.Image

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Answer this question: Why does the upper movement  block not need to be destroyed? It is in the way.


Ok, so how do I get across then?

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Thanks for the tip. i figured out that it's because you can blow up the block it's on instead.  Incase anyone else is wondering how to do that, click view rest on this comment.

First you have to move gas can on the 9 down 1 space and then blow up the block it's on.

I just hit the button in the center of Level A6!!!

fo you need a block from another level? did you place al conveyors to make a round thip? :)

I finally was able to get the red button in Level B20 pressed


how do i beat a.2

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What is your goal in trying to solve A2? Where do you want the blocks to be in order to progress?


you need the up arrow in the hole next the the hallway to the button and the normal block in front of the wall tile

i don't know how to get the normal block their tho?

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I put a tip to people playing the game below. I said that when doing a puzzle, if you are stuck, think about what your goal is and ask yourself, "Why?"

In other words; If it is actually* impossible for you to get the normal block into that position, then getting the normal block there is not your goal.

*: There are puzzles later in which something seems impossible, but actually you have to think about the items in the game differently than you had to think before.

Sometimes when something seems impossible, you are not going far enough in the plan to see it through.

Also, I said that your question about what the point of the "black box" in Level A.2 was a good question, so the point of that feature in the test is an important part of how to solve the puzzle.


and what about the two buttons by b.16 and b.15


its just hard to get the button and know what to use the boom from B.16 and 17

any tips for b.15?

You only need two bombs in the end, so don't be worried about losing some.


what is the point of the black box in A.2

Good question.


iirc it wasn't a black box, it's a wall tile


okay thanks

Great puzzles, really enjoying this so far!

I'm a bit stuck on B.18, any hints?

You don't need to destroy the upward movement block

Figured it out, thanks!

You're welcome.

I have finished with Theory A and Theory B (Excluding some red buttons) and am now stuck on Level AB1

*AB1 spoiler*


You have learned a new mechanic in the last handful of A challenges. This will come in handy.

Well played. It is so simple when you see it.


As a tip to people when doing these tests. If you are stuck, think about your goal to solve the puzzle and ask yourself; Why is that my goal? Also, if you have an idea about what to do, go through with it, even if it seems like a terrible idea, because sometimes you learn something from what happens.


Why did Level B.18 change? I do not see anything about that in the Development log.

Sorry, was going to do some more updates and post about them together. B.18 changed because it had unintended solutions - the author decided to completely overhaul it, but it explores the same key trick.


Level A.18 is a strange puzzle.


can the puzzle God who created S5 shed some light  on this.   How in the world do you go about lifting the blocks necessary to transfer over to the right side?


Wow. A.14 was a real interesting puzzle to solve.


On A. 2 I know I can get a left arrow or a down arrow from A. 1 to help get the button but do I also need a block from some where else or have I just not put the pieces together yet.


NVM think I got it now



The only block you need that's outside the puzzle is the one from A. 1 just mess around for a bit and see if you get it.


ive tried that 

Keep trying.

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I'm stuck on

A. 8

A.B. 1 

B. 18

On B. 17 I got the right arrow to the room to the right and a boom from B. 18 to get that button, but I don't know how to get the left arrow from B.17 to the room to the right and down.

Also on A. 2 I don't know how to get to the button.

I'm pretty stuck so some hints would be nice.

You should definitely leave AB.1 until later!

A.8 uses a fun trick. Focus entirely on how you could get the block on the right platform to the left platform.

For the button between B.17 and B.18, you're doing the right thing and extracting the left block is definitely harder. In fact, it's a similar process but with more steps.

The button next to A.2 requires some assistance from outside the puzzle.

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Just finished A. 8.


I just finished A8. Good job with switching how puzzles have to be solved for different levels.


Is it impossible to get the left block out from this point?


you need to use the right block to get the left block out


I got it now thanks


Hopefully the hint I just got helps you solve A.B.1


Whats up with the switch below level one that can only be accessed by hopping off of the conveyor, yet there’s no place to stop or place a bomb  there?

Curious, huh? 🤔

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago
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Ha ha, ha. I didn't see that before. Sometimes the simple solution is not thought of because you are primed to think about the complex ones. I had two different solutions to the puzzle. One of them was using the right movement block and a bomb, and the other was using two bombs after exploding the bomb with the glue on it to destroy the downward movement block.

So called "unintentional solutions", like that, could be part of the way that you get the red buttons pressed.

This is actually intentional, believe it or not!


Wow. This is really cool, doesn't even feel like puzzlescript anymore with the smooth map scrolling and the music etc...Great job!! Can't wait to really dive into this.

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On Level S2 I assume that broken power line is intentional?  If so is there some secret way to fix this or does the solution not involve having both pushing mechanisms operating?

Yep, intentional! And no way to repair it. It's a very mean taunt!


Level A.7 seems to be impossible to solve. You obviously need to get the left movement arrow to the hole to allow the user to move to the left. There are not enough arrows to cause movement around one of the black columns and movement across the purple arrows causes the character to not be able to move, which causes it to be impossible to be able to use the purple arrows to get above the left arrow block. Since there are no ladders on the upper side of the raised area on Level A.7, it seems to me that there is no way to get the left arrow to go downwards

Deleted 2 years ago

You're thinking along the right lines!


Seems also the bomb can be used to blow up the one stationary tile in the middle of conveyor in order to go under the barrier to press button by a13 but u can’t get close enough to detonate it.  These are devious!

I got a hint for you and that is maybe resetting something might help.


I just discovered that the purple boxes contain glue, which can attach to blocks when the bombs explode near them


Great game and stellar puzzles! Now about the Final Experiment.. what is it that needs to be accomplished being there’s no exit to reach?

This requires a bit of lateral thinking! The sign outside the level is a bit of a clue and the level is very constrained to try to guide your thinking. It's very fun to discover, so I don't want to just say it, but maybe this will have helped. Just think about why each part of the level exists.

cool puzzles


Its interesting when you find a red herring during a level

I just solved A.10. It is a very tricky level.


I don't like it that when I get another box from a different area, and then I reset the area, that the box disappears from the area.

It prevents being able to get into some very unintended states.


I'm having trouble with the red button for level A.2. The way I think that it should be solved is to:

  1. Move the upper movement block to two spaces to the left of the ladder in the lower right corner.
  2. Use the extra downwards movement block in the previous puzzle to be able to get under the block to make it move upwards.
  3. Push the block by getting on the ladder and move it to the first hole to be able to use the block in the corridor to fill the hole with the red button. 

This is blocked because it involves getting to the other side of the upper movement block without moving the block. If the upper movement block is pushed off the place it is on, then you can't move it without blocking the ladder and having it be too far to the right to be able to cause you to push the block up when you walk past the other downwards movement block you get from the previous puzzle (because you can't move downwards if there is a wall in the way).

This leads me to believe that it is currently impossible to get the red button for Level A.2.

All the best puzzles seem impossible at first! There's an assumption in one of your points that you need to question. I can tell you which point, if you like.


The only thing that I can see that could be wrong is that you push the upwards arrow to the bottom and use a downwards arrow to allow movement below the box, but the other downwards arrow can't be gotten without the box (which means that the plan with the upwards arrow would not work), and the other downwards arrow in the previous level cannot go farther than the ladder. That would mean that the issue once again comes up that you can't get the arrow to move to the left without moving it so that it is next to the box, which means that it would push the box off the ledge before being in position, or pushing the upwards arrow off the ledge, which means that you would get stuck pushing it to the right. So once again, it does not work.

I'll tell you that your mistake is in point 2 of your first comment! I think there's an alternative option you're not considering.


Ok, I was able to solve it by using the left direction box. I did not think it was possible to use it because when I tried to get the left direction box, I used the two downward  boxes in a way that did not allow me to put a box to the other side.

how do you beat A.2


I don't like it that when you get past Level B.12, and if you are unable to get past B.13, then you are stuck and if you want to get to any of the other areas, you have to reset B.12 to get out of the area.

Good point - I've made B.12 reverse traversable in the latest update!


It also happens with B.17

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Incredible puzzles that are not for the faint of heart yet very rewarding! The thought that went into designing each level is very impressive, well done. 

Just when you think you've beaten the game, another section of the map unfolds with more great puzzles.  As an added challenge, players can occasionally bring blocks back to older levels to solve a path to the secret buttons around the map.

 Looking forward to what else this game has in store. 


How did you get past A.7, and B.6?


Check my comments below regarding A7 and B6

Congrats on getting so far and thanks for all the feedback!

Very subtle hint for A-14: this is a really fun one that wants you to explore an edge case in one of the mechanics. Something you've never done before.


>A-14: this is a really fun one that wants you to explore an edge case in one of the mechanics. Something you've never done before.

... oh my. It seems so obvious after solving :P (could be said after every level)

Time to head back to AB.1 to see the next obvious thing I'm missing.

It's not some exploit like walking in two directions at once, right? I'm playing with swipe controls on my phone; still scratching my head on A-14

Nevermind, solved it (After leaving and doing all of B and many secret buttons 😅)
Didn't require extra dexterity after all :)


Haha, fortunately the engine we've used, PuzzleScript, cannot support multiple inputs at once.

Nope! And as far as I'm aware, no mechanic at any point of the game requires quick reflexes. I was wondering that myself at some points. 

I've made B.6 reverse traversable in the latest update. I couldn't think of a way to do it for A.10 that would be compatible with the way level updates work and it's also pretty trivial to solve again, so I didn't bother with that one.


With AB-1, the container with purple in it contains glue, which when exploded causes the blocks nearby to be covered in glue.


how do you get passed a.2 and get the button?


I am also stuck on level B.6

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*B-6 spoiler*

Hint 1: stand on the ladder island with a double-stacked block adjacent to you so that you can push it

Hint 2: you want to push the double-stacked box into a purple path that ends up on the ladder island. Once you do that, follow the loop yourself!

Hint 3:

double-stacked boxV
player on  ladder island<

push up, then follow loop.

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How? The only way to get a double stacked box with a purple path is to push it off with the left moving purple box, and you can't alter the paths because there is no ladder to get back up to the place with the boxes. Also, when you push something on a purple path, you can't move.

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I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but start by pushing both of the boxes off of the ledge on top of each other and jump down . You won't need a ladder to get back up. 


Thanks. I was able to get past B.7.


It's a difficult but fun game, but I'd like to know: Does the Player ever have to move blocks from one puzzle to another, or can all of the puzzles be solved on their own?


It's intended to be part of the challenge to figure that out (you can often reason that it's impossible to move blocks between most puzzles), but in case you want a more specific answer:


I believe there is only one normal puzzle solution that requires smuggling a block and it's quite obvious because you can't do anything at all in the next puzzle without it. However, many of the secret buttons require a bit of block smuggling to reach them.


I am stuck on level A.7

I got a chain to get the  left arrow to move up, right and then down, but then it hit my character and I couldn't use that to get above the left arrow.

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*A-7 Spoilers*

Edit: This is a puzzle that the creator removed unintended solutions in their recent update. I'm not sure if the solution I'm giving is intended or not. 

Hint 1: This puzzle requires you to circle back around the map to solve. 

Hint 2: You want to build a bridge from the top-left ladder to the middle island. Once you do that, position the "<" block into the top-left corner of the middle island, leave the level via the ladder on the right side, loop around the map, then travel along the bridge you built to push the "<" block.

Hint 3: A tip while building the bridge, keep the "<" block alone in the top row when rearranging the other blocks. You'll be pushing the other blocks north from the top-left corner of the island while the "<" block is separated on the top-right corner of the island. 

Hint 4: I believe the order of blocks that you push off the island to make the bridge is > > ^ <.

Hint 5:

Your bridge will look like

top-left ladder > > V > connecting top top-left of island. Loop around map, follow bridge pushing "<" down one, and move it to the final spot.

That's an unintended solution that has just been removed! Time to give it another go! 😄


Ok, then if A7 is supposed to be able to be solved, then how should it be solved?


Hint 1:  Your goal is still to move the "<" block down from the top row, allowing you to freely get it to its destination.

Hint 2: You'll be pushing the "<" block onto a 3-block conveyer path that you create

Hint 3: You'll need extra help to give that "<" block that final push into the middle row. The last unused block will help you do this. 



I am having all kinds of problems with "undo" and "reset", which work...sometimes maybe?  Sporadically?  Sometimes Z and R just don't do anything.  And sometimes R restores me to a point where I'm not even on screen?  (I'm using Firefox, with no adblockers enabled for the site.)

(2 edits)

Hello! We've had someone else report a similar issue in Firefox. It seems the problem is that all web games share the same local storage which has a default limit of 5MB in Firefox, so if you've played a bunch of web games in the past on, you might be hitting that limit now.

Just to confirm that's what's going on, if you open the game directly via its CDN URL ( and then right click the page, choose "Inspect", the developer console will open, where you can choose the "Console" tab. On the console tab, you should see some red error messages where things have started to go wrong. If it says something about a setItem quota for local storage, you definitely have the same problem.

I can look into how to better handle this in the game, but a simple workaround for now is to clear or clean out your local storage for the CDN domain. In that same developer console, you can go to the "Storage" tab, expand "Local Storage" and select the CDN domain in the list (""), which will then show all of your saved data. You can selectively delete these items (or clear them all, which removes all save data from web games).

Alternatively, you can clear site data for the full CDN (this will achieve the same thing, but less selectively). Once again with the game open at the CDN URL (, go to your Firefox settings, then "Privacy & Security", then in the "Cookies and Site Data" section click on the "Manage Data..." button. Here, select the site and click "Remove Selected" and then "Save Changes".

Let me know how you get on with this. Hope you can enjoy the game soon!

Update on this: the game should now tell you if it's having trouble saving. Follow the above instructions if you get the "Save failed: local storage full" error.

Alternatively, if you get the "Save failed: local storage unavailable", this means your browser settings may not be allowing the game to save to local storage (or you are in incognito mode).


I got up to the sign that says "Experimental Findings:  explosives and slime are a messy combination."  Not sure if I can figure any more out.  

You're doing well! That room is just for lore but you can continue westward.

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