Build conveyor belt contraptions to navigate this open world puzzle adventure!

Arrows or WASD to move, Z to undo, R to restart the current region (dashed area), X for action (you'll be told when you can use it). The game automatically saves when you move from one region to another.

Best played in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Safari on MacOS/iOS has default privacy settings that prevent the game from saving, so you'll have to use a different browser or change your privacy settings to allow third party site data to be stored.

This game was made collaboratively by members of the Thinky Puzzle Games Discord server. The development process was in the format of an "exquisite corpse", where each person adds on a little bit (a level, a mechanic, and/or polish), and then passes it on. For the first time, all of the contributed puzzles have been compiled into a non-linear open world adventure with many secrets held within. (In fact, the contributors were expecting two separate games but, as a surprise, they were both combined into one!)

Participants: (in alphabetical order)

  • Aspeon
  • Auroriax
  • Blookerstein
  • CHz
  • clementsparrow
  • clickmazes
  • Colin
  • Corey Hardt
  • crychair
  • D5R
  • Dan Williams
  • Deusovi
  • domcamus
  • Draknek
  • Ethan Clark
  • Harry Damm
  • Jack Lance
  • jackk
  • Joel
  • JumbleTheCircle
  • Justas
  • KirraLuan
  • ~kjeann
  • knexator
  • KristianHedeholm
  • Le Slo
  • marcosd
  • Menderbug
  • Mischka Kamener
  • Muftwin
  • Norgg
  • Notan
  • pancelor
  • Patrick
  • Pedro PSI
  • Pichusuperlover
  • shark
  • stevenjmiller
  • That Scar
  • Toombler
  • twak
  • winterbeak
  • Zach
  • zaratustra
  • Zomulgustar

The exported game uses a very heavily customised fork of PuzzleScript - don't expect to be able to use it to make other games, but feel free to click the "Hack" link to see how Conveyor Con-fusion is implemented.

Assembled by Joseph Mansfield with lots of testing help from stevenjmiller.

Music: Blippy Trance by Kevin MacLeod (Link:, License:

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
AuthorThinky Collective
Made withPuzzleScript

Development log


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I just saw AB4, and... what is this monstrosity?

After 2 years, I beat level 3


two words:

This game is incredible aesthetically, technically, and leveldesignly. making a level in something this good is the puzzle game equivalent of being knighted. I give thanks to everyone involved.


That's 29 words, but I totally agree

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how do i get the bottom right button at b.15(the one with dynamite and a ladder) i already know i can get an extra bomb by going though b19 but im still one bomb short

what do we do at the final experiment


Deleted 2 years ago

Yes, but you are on the right track in general. You aren't done with those left arrows that you've abandoned at the top.

I've also just realised the screenshot has a significant spoiler in it, so I'm deleting the post!

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I don't like to comment until I've completed a game. With this one I've gotten to the closing credits in two separate places and still haven't finished. But I wanted to send my congrats to the gang that built this terrific puzzle game. Great game, great teamwork. A true All Star lineup of puzzle constructors. (Constrictors?) Besides that whopper S.5 at the end, which I'm still trying to grok, I got stuck on S.4 for three weeks. I'd gone through the rest of the game in 11 days. Also, a couple of times the game seemed to change from under me while I was playing. Specifically, the B.18 puzzle and AB.5. Was that my imagination? Anyway, many thanks again to all.

how is It possible do the bottom button between B15 and B16? There is the bomb near the right button that looks useless

You have to bring the left sticky block from b16 for that

Wow, thank you, I will try, I see you can bring a bomb from B15 but it is a trap because you cannot use it, right?

As far as I know the way is described is the only way 

I'm having an issue with S4. I just need to have one less block be used to make a platform to push the button in the upper right area.

You should be reaching that button by making a path underneath the black barrier, not by crossing over the top of it.

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Just to be clear, we are talking about this button:

Because if you are, then the thing I want to know is how many blocks it takes to make the bridge to that area

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Yes, you only need 3 blocks for the actual bridge.  Most of the other blocks are needed to access  the bridge once you have it.  Solving this requires  a technique not used before.

In response to your first hint, is there even a way to get to the button by making a bridge over the black barrier?

Yes, but not able to solve the rest of puzzle

I can't believe I just did the AB.6: 2 stacks pushing right, one with the conveyor down

I'm having an issue with the red button near Level A15, and I am surprised that no one has posted anything about it yet. It seems that it needs a piece from a nearby area, but it seems that all of the pieces nearby are used in the process of getting to the next area

You need the extra block from A15

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I know that part. Another "extra block" that is needed to solve the puzzle of how to get the other "extra block" out and be able to push it to the needed area is the block that is stuck to the left that was used to press the button in the level.

Let me guess, If I mentioned the button directly next to Level B16, you would say that I need to smuggle something into the area to bridge the gap in between the ladder block and the block to the left of it.

I got the button near B16 pressed

Yes, you can get the block on the far left out

All you need are the five blocks in that room. After you  stack blocks on the riser to get the first block out try moving the right block up to the platform. You should be able to figure it out from there.

A small issue with that is how to get to the block on the button and be able to push it to the right

the key is to use the downward conveyor as the second to last


Best puzzle game of 2022 so far.

a.7 is really hard i cant figure it out

Deleted 2 years ago

I'm going to delete your post because of the spoilers in the screenshot but you should focus on shipping one block at a time over to where you need it. It will make it much easier.

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Just to confirm, the way to solve Level AB6 is to cause the button to be pressed without moving from the area that will be raised when the button is pressed?

Correct! You were on the right lines for sure

I need a hint about how to get the balanced blocks to move one place to the left while still being balanced.

(1 edit)

AB 6 : The blocks need to be stacked on the left of the pillar and move right.

I post a screenshot of my trying to solve the puzzle and it gets deleted. But competor posts a video of solving the puzzles and it stays up. How is his video not a spoiler and my screenshot is?

Someone would have to actively choose to watch Competor's video and so would be expecting spoilers, but your screenshot was directly in the comments beneath the game and contained elements that are only revealed later in the game. Hope that makes sense.

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Level AB5 seems impossible. 

This is because:

  1. You need the bomb near the button to press the button to keep the raised blocks raised up and be in place to destroy the square block in between the right movement and upward movement block.
    1. You can't replace the bomb because that would mean the path to the exit is blocked, or you are not able to use the block combining machine to combine the right and upper movement blocks because the bomb would explode the button in any position in the way it was used to move a block up.
      1. Also, the best bomb to use for that would be the one by the bomb, because using the one by the left would mean you would not be able to get the right and upward movement blocks pushed to the right by the expanding blocks in the lower right corner because the bomb explodes the button.

This means that the bomb near the button would be needed to be in multiple places at the same time.

The theme of the AB branch is exploring what happens when you combine the mechanics from the A and B branches. This level requires an interaction between those mechanics that I don't think you're considering.

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Ok, so tell me, how do I use the bomb to press the button to cause the blocks to go up so the movement blocks I need can be pushed forwards and use the bomb to destroy the block under the regular block?

(1 edit)

You're right, the bomb can't do both of those things.

And now, with the new change, you can't even blow up the block the regular block is under now that the hole created by the expanding area being removed is blocked by a right movement block.

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Puzzled by this. I’m not able to solve the updated A5.  You said the solution would have to do with exploring the interaction of A B mechanics   Aren’t all of the B mechanics having to do with using sticky blocks?  What am I missing?

(1 edit)

You mean AB.5, right? Slime was not the only mechanic introduced in branch B. Check the sign outside branch B for a reminder.

Figuring out how to use that bomb was a stumper.  Thank you again for the great game.

I think you can use the bomb on the left to remove the upper left button... but I still don't see the point 

I think the point is that you it allows you to be able to move more than one block through that area without being squashed by the button being pressed.

You don’t need to. You need that bomb at the end to release the button down below 


This might be single most impressive frankenpuzzlescript game I've ever seen — it's so cool to see something made by so many wonderful puzzlemakers that also manages to have a whole, joined-up meta puzzle element. Hats off to everyone involved and to whomever wrangled this collab into something so cohesive.

I could probably poke around in the source-code more diligently, but is AB5 a Dom Camus level? I got some very strong Golem vibes from that one :-)


Thank you for the kind words! Your Dom Camus sense is very accurate.

Completely agree.  The excellent puzzles and the artistry of the overall combination of everything into one piece was awesome and very enjoyable to play. Deserves a sequel.

I am stuck on Level AB5. I know that you need to get the upper movement block and the right movement block to get combined, but I have no idea about how to safely move them from the entrance to the combination machine.

In the new version I put the bomb on the hole then put all 3 movable block without stair on lifters, and with the bomb remove the not conveyor one in this way the left and top block can be pass for upper aisle near the entrance, then down and using the bottom left pushers move it to center. my problem is free the button on bottom center after I use it to lift a block that press the upper button. And I have no idea if the left bomb is useful... 

Using the bottom center block to use it to lift a block means that you can only use that button once. This is because you would need to use two blocks or a block and a bomb to get it pressed. If you use the two blocks, then the area is permanently blocked to you. If you use a bomb, then the bomb destroys the button.

You can use it 2 times, using the bomb above to destroy bottom pusher 

I just got the button in Level B19 pressed.

I think that Level AB6 is about making it so that you can make a block move onto the button without pushing anything. To do that, I was able to get two double stacked blocks pushed together (one with a right arrow and one with a left arrow at the bottom) , but I can't get them off of the button by pushing them to the left

Ok, I've been able to get the blocks off of the button, but by doing that, I push the two balanced stacked blocks down, when pushing them to the left while keeping them balanced would make the puzzle solved.

(1 edit) (+1)

Was wondering about the conveyor that comes into the lab from the left side.  I’m assuming I completed everything in the game yet never was able to access that pathway. Was that just  placed there as a no access area to be a possible red herring for the task of blowing up the sign? 

Open an incognito tab and start a new game ;)


I just solved Level AB4.




Can developer please help us out alittle with S5.?? Please.  In partner with another person we’ve spent countless hours here with this. 

A brief explanation of what we did was to access the upper platform via the small upper right platform, moved blocks down from the platform in such a way to to store them on other blocks in order to create 2 down right blocks to transfer over to the right side and cross that gap.  Used the bomb to deactivate the switch after using the bridge.  Arrived at the point of just needing to create an square sticky block t(in addition to the one we have) in order to transfer to the right side.  Stuck at lack of ability to create what we believe is necessary to combine the last block, which woukd be some sort of mechanism using all the 3 of the pushers .please can you let us know how we are doing and if we need to change course from this set of ideas??

(2 edits) (+2)

Just a heads up, S.5 will be getting an update that will hopefully reduce the possibility space a decent amount (I believe one of the fusions you've found will be blocked as well, but the solution shouldn't change much).  My suggestion would be to focus on making the square sticky block first.  As you've seen, you can only get on the upper platforms once (at least without using a bunch of pieces building a bridge) so try to get as much done as you can before dropping back down.  I know this is still very vague, so feel free to reply with any further questions you have.

Deleted 2 years ago

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

Making the square block does not require using all three switches, but all will be used eventually.  The square block indeed needs to be made on the ground using the pistons/pushers, and if I understand your method correctly, you are already using the right two.  There is a way to hit both switches while you are still on the upper platform, let me know if you'd like more details.

(2 edits)

Ok, so from the ground level it’s much easier to slide a row of blocks in order to put multiple blocks in motion on different paths.  From the upper level it’s seems you would have to actually push the blocks that would trigger the buttons.  So if I’m thinking about this the correct way , that is where I’m stuck. How can you push blocks in any particular direction and manage to get them moving on different paths and or different directions?


Wow, Level AB.2 was especially clever.


please help me on A.7

So the key to your success is that single left arrow at the top, but it's in the worst position of all. You need to find a way to move it somewhere useful


you need to move it down but I cant make a loop because it ends up in the same place

If you've got that setup, you're getting close to the answer. When you do that loop, does anything get pushed down from the top row? If so, could you change things around so that the left arrow is the thing being pushed down?

(2 edits)

You have the right idea, keep trying! If you need a bigger hint: Lbh jvyy arrq gb hfr rirel oybpx.

i dont get the hint

Typically, for puzzles hints, it is written in ROT 13 to prevent people from accidentally spoiling themselves.


someone solved AB.4? i have no clues

(2 edits) (+1)

Yeah, that one is painfully chaotic. Once you see into it you'll solve it without much problem, I think. Trying not to give too much away: a key action is getting a piece on the button up top on the left. How can you do that?

btw, have you solved S2? I'd love to trade intel, because I have no idea where to even start with that one. I feel like the corners are important, but I cant find anyway to leverage them or the pusher usefully. I know structures to make a combo piece, but I either can't traverse to them or don't quite have the right environment or pieces to pull them off. I think the key is figuring out how one push from me makes two adjacent objects move in separate directions. Or maybe learning how to use a lift as a catalyst. But all of it seems impossible, and besides are the S's actually teaching new techniques or just showing mastery?

(4 edits) (+1)

I think part of Level AB4 is getting to the block on the button so that it can go down.


oh for sure. and there are at least two or three ways to do that, but afaik only one that sets you up to complete the room


I did not get the level s2.. :( thanks for the help

Was it enough?


the A section on hard lol


I don't like how the Level S2 entrance is not reverse traversable.

(2 edits) (+2)

That was my first idea also. I think the best way to get to the other side is to make a diagonal block going to the bottom left corner.

I think it is ironic that I have been able to combine blocks in AB6, when I don't need to, but it seems exceedingly difficult to combine blocks in Level S2, where it is needed to go forwards

If you haven't solved S2, the broken machine is more important than you think.


This is strange. I was on the corridor below the Level 1 area. I had reset the connection area to Level A7 and put a bomb and a block with glue in the connection area. I moved the blocks back in place for the connection area and moved back so that the bomb and block could move. The bomb and the block did not move. I moved upwards, and the glue moved from the block to the bomb without the block or bomb moving.


that's a unexpected bug but for A.7 i need hints or tips on how to beat it and for the booms next to B.16 

with the booms next to B.16 you need booms to be able to break the 3 blocks next to B.15 and I don't know how to do that

(1 edit)

and i dont get the point of the boom that in stuck next to the ladder block  i found out what to do but i don't know how to do it without blowing up the boom next to the ladder please help

Have you gotten up to Level B19?

Deleted 2 years ago

and im stumped on the one that is also next to b.19 on the otherside of the button

Deleted 2 years ago

got the b.19 bomb but i dont know about the other one

i cant figure out the bomb that is next to the button next to b.19 and the A.2 button A.7

I'm stuck on Level AB3. I can get the bomb over to the glue box to explode it and cause a block to get sticky, but either I use the piece with the ladder and I can't push it to the right, or I use the regular piece and the piece with the ladder can't go up when I press the button.

(1 edit)

Think about where you have the ladder placed when you push the other block on top of it.

(1 edit)

Ok, I was able to solve it, but I am still annoyed about the fact that the ladder blocks don't go up when they can fit in the area that goes up when the button is pressed

Level S.3 is very interesting. Great way to tweak the user interface into an unexpected format.


im having trouble with the A.2 button the 2 buttons that are next to each other in the b section and A.7


i need help with a A.2 button

You need to use all of the boxes in A2  to get the red button pressed.


i fugured that its confusing


okay so do i need to unlock the fast travel to be able to get the button

How can I go to right on "The Lab"?

first step is to blow up the sign


with a bomb.  You need another block as a spacer to avoid blowing yourself up

but when you blow up the sign the down blocks ar still there

Deleted 2 years ago

and the connections next to A.7 i don't know how to get on that conveyer

Also, it is possible to get a piece out of B10.

i know where to get a bomb from but I don't know about a10


thank you very much!

I'm at the final experiment, but it seems to be one-way. Should I have finished the buttons if I don't want to redo the whole game for the secret area?


Oh, the final experiment was good fun! And the credits were well done.

For those who follow, don't worry about the game ending like that, you can go back for secrets; it seems to save in the long entry room.

When you have all of the buttons activated S5 becomes accessible 

:) Looking forward to it. Not quite there yet, though. Still chewing on S2 and S4

on level b.17 cant you just use the booms to get over?

and how do i get the b.17 button


how do you get the b.16 button?

(1 edit) (+1)

I can't figure how to solve B18 after it was changed. I know I don't have to destroy the upwards conveyor belt from reading a different comment but still have no idea what to do. I believe I need to get one of the explosive gas cans away from the left wall and use it as a platform to stand on to get to the next level but I feel like the method I'm trying to use where I blow up a block in the upper right portion of the nine to get a space to push the other gas can forwards isn't possible because I don't have enough platforms.Image

(8 edits)

Answer this question: Why does the upper movement  block not need to be destroyed? It is in the way.


Ok, so how do I get across then?

(2 edits) (+1)

Thanks for the tip. i figured out that it's because you can blow up the block it's on instead.  Incase anyone else is wondering how to do that, click view rest on this comment.

First you have to move gas can on the 9 down 1 space and then blow up the block it's on.

I just hit the button in the center of Level A6!!!

fo you need a block from another level? did you place al conveyors to make a round thip? :)

I finally was able to get the red button in Level B20 pressed


how do i beat a.2

(1 edit)

What is your goal in trying to solve A2? Where do you want the blocks to be in order to progress?


you need the up arrow in the hole next the the hallway to the button and the normal block in front of the wall tile

i don't know how to get the normal block their tho?

(4 edits) (+1)

I put a tip to people playing the game below. I said that when doing a puzzle, if you are stuck, think about what your goal is and ask yourself, "Why?"

In other words; If it is actually* impossible for you to get the normal block into that position, then getting the normal block there is not your goal.

*: There are puzzles later in which something seems impossible, but actually you have to think about the items in the game differently than you had to think before.

Sometimes when something seems impossible, you are not going far enough in the plan to see it through.

Also, I said that your question about what the point of the "black box" in Level A.2 was a good question, so the point of that feature in the test is an important part of how to solve the puzzle.


and what about the two buttons by b.16 and b.15


its just hard to get the button and know what to use the boom from B.16 and 17

any tips for b.15?

You only need two bombs in the end, so don't be worried about losing some.


what is the point of the black box in A.2

Good question.


iirc it wasn't a black box, it's a wall tile


okay thanks

Great puzzles, really enjoying this so far!

I'm a bit stuck on B.18, any hints?

You don't need to destroy the upward movement block

Figured it out, thanks!

You're welcome.

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