Place tiles to get the flying crowbars to the exit!


Simulation control:
Click play in the top-left to run the simulation, pause to pause it, and the plus symbol to reset. Alternatively X/Space/Enter will play/pause, and S/Down will reset.

While the simulation is running, drag the bar in the top-right to change the simulation speed. A/D/Left/Right will also change speed.

Tile editing:
Click the tool box on the left to select a tile, then click on empty space in the level to place that tile there. Click and drag placed tiles to erase them. W/S/Up/Down will also scroll through the tool box.

Tile picking:
To fill a ? in the tool box, drag an object from the level into it. Valid objects will display a yellow cursor when clicked. Alternatively click the object and then the ? slot, or click the object then press A/Left.

R to restart, Z/U to undo, ESC to return to level select. On mobile, these are available via the drawer on the left.

About this game

This game (and Lab Rat-ional Thinking) were both made collaboratively by members of the Thinky Puzzle Games Discord server. The development process was in the format of an "exquisite corpse", where each person adds on a little bit (a level, a mechanic, and/or polish), and then passes it on. Both of these games started from the same "seed" level and mechanics.

Participants (for both games):

  • Alteffor
  • Auroriax
  • Beekie
  • CHz
  • Colin
  • Corey Hardt
  • Deusovi
  • Foxbot
  • Icely
  • Icewing
  • Jack Lance
  • Joel
  • Joseph Mansfield
  • Justas
  • Karoo
  • Kristian Hedeholm
  • Le Slo
  • LeavingLeaves
  • Menderbug
  • MisshapenSmiley
  • Neonesque
  • Norgg
  • Patrick
  • Pichusuperlover
  • PleasingFungus
  • Plurmorant
  • SeptaCube
  • Sky Chan
  • StarlitEternity
  • ThatScar
  • Toombler
  • Zach
  • Zomulgustar
  • auvoleur!
  • clickmazes
  • duyaa
  • jackk
  • jcGyo
  • knexator
  • marcosd
  • max
  • npinsker
  • pap4qlxxlevb
  • stevenjmiller
  • zaratustra
  • ~kjeannasdasd

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AuthorThinky Collective
Made withPuzzleScript

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