Place tiles to get the mice to the exit!

Your goal is for all mice to be in a hole and for all holes to have a mouse in them. Holes will be closed until all red buttons in the level have boxes on them.

This is a programming game where you first place tiles and then press play to start the simulation. You can't change the tile placements after the simulation has started - you'll have to stop the simulation to rearrange things.


Use either mouse/touch or keyboard to interact with the game. When using keyboard, use arrow keys to move the cursor around and press X or Enter to "click" on something.

Press the play button at the top left to start the simulation. Once the simulation has started you can use the pause button to freeze the simulation and the stop button to go back to the start. Adjust the speed of the simulation using the blue buttons at the top (available from level 3 onward).

Place and remove tiles by tapping on the grid. When multiple tiles are available, select the tile that you want to place from the tile palette on the left. You cannot place tiles while the simulation is running.

Press Z to undo and R to restart (on mobile, use the pull out drawer at the top left).

About this game

This game (and Flying Crowbar Factory Simulator 2022) were both made collaboratively by members of the Thinky Puzzle Games Discord server. The development process was in the format of an "exquisite corpse", where each person adds on a little bit (a level, a mechanic, and/or polish), and then passes it on. Both of these games started from the same "seed" level and mechanics.

Participants (for both games):

  • Alteffor
  • Auroriax
  • Beekie
  • CHz
  • Colin
  • Corey Hardt
  • Deusovi
  • Foxbot
  • Icely
  • Icewing
  • Jack Lance
  • Joel
  • Joseph Mansfield
  • Justas
  • Karoo
  • Kristian Hedeholm
  • Le Slo
  • LeavingLeaves
  • Menderbug
  • MisshapenSmiley
  • Neonesque
  • Norgg
  • Patrick
  • Pichusuperlover
  • PleasingFungus
  • Plurmorant
  • SeptaCube
  • Sky Chan
  • StarlitEternity
  • ThatScar
  • Toombler
  • Zach
  • Zomulgustar
  • auvoleur!
  • clickmazes
  • duyaa
  • jackk
  • jcGyo
  • knexator
  • marcosd
  • max
  • npinsker
  • pap4qlxxlevb
  • stevenjmiller
  • zaratustra
  • ~kjeannasdasd
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorThinky Collective
Made withPuzzleScript


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This and crowbar are really good but really really hard lol